Saturday, September 13, 2008

In honor of Fall and Halloween!

Here are some of the latest pieces gearing up for the scarry time of year. I have quite a few shows coming up and wanted some Halloween pieces to celebrate the season. This is a monsters in my head box. I made one of these at the workshop with Lana Wilson and Margaret Bohles after their great

And then of course, a black cat bowl for all the candy to be given out.

A couple of years ago when I was waiting tables, at the beginning of the night when times were slow, I would draw these dead bunny cartoons for me and the staff. Usually the dead bunnies would be killing off our most hated customers, the ones who just for no reason were so mean. It really was all in good fun and it did relieve some tension.
Well these are the bunnies but they are very much alive and kicking. I'm not sure where they are going as of yet but I think they may be up to some mischief.
And then I saw this Jaffa Rabbit
and I was in love! Mean bunnies unite. What are their evil minds thinking?


queencraftygirl said...

I love ur Halloween pottery!!


Mom and daughter said...

Great bowl. I just love the cats!

Sister T

Undaunted said...

I absolutely LOVE your monster head box! The teeth are fantastic! The bowls are great too! I can't wait to try scrafito (sp?) Just two more weeks until my course starts!

painter girl said...

Thanks Ya'll!
I'll have to do more scary kitties cause they sure are fun!

Un D,
I have so much fun doing the monster heads. I could do a million of them and still want more.


Robyn said...

Love your bowls!

Princess Poochie said...

I'm going to leave all the candy and steal your bowl!


painter girl said...

Hey Miss Poochie,
I'll have to make a crazy black kitty bowl for you for halloween...not that we will have many trick or treaters....

Thanks Robin so much!

Steven the Brewer said...

I love that bowl, super spooky. I too will take the treats and pull a "bowl stealing" trick.

painter girl said...

Am I going to have to get will to guard the bowl from you two???
I will just have to make you a scarrry bowl to have at you movie table for candy!

Princess Poochie said...

Painter Girl - I'll take.

Steven said he liked the kitties too!

Give me a call for this weekend. We heard there was a coyote about.