Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brave and Proud Mama

Here is Miss Chickweed our youngest dog. Most mama's wouldn't let their dogs anywhere near their pots especially in the green state. But all though our dogs don't fetch or roll over, they are extremely careful with my work. We have never had an accident with my pots. Not once. (although, we did have an issue with a bigger piece that I bought from a friend.) That was the only time in our 8 years of having dogs. I am a proud mama (knocking on wood as I write).


Undaunted said...

Wow, that's great! My friend Anita has a huge problem with her dog Molly - she gets so jealous of her paintings and canvases that she will lean against them, stand on them, or lay on them at every opportunity!

queencraftygirl said...

Chickaweed!! I love your new painting! Oh, I tagged you, see my blog.

painter girl said...

Molly sounds like a mess! My cat Rabbit does get a little jealous and will try to play with my brushes and paint.

Hey Miss Queeny!
Thank you