Monday, December 01, 2008

A Feast fit for a Queen and King.......

Well, we are not quite a King and Queen but we sure had a meal fit for Royalty. Thanksgiving was a beautiful day full of love and a thankfulness for all we have been blessed with. All the wonderful traditional items graced our plates as we sat in the sunny backyard. The dogs crowded around our feet waiting knowingly for their plates of turkey and gravy.
Isn't Will (hubby) just the happiest man alive waiting so patiently for me to take the picture so he can dive in.

I was feeling very rosey this week. Here is a finished rose bottle and a vase carved just yesterday. I love this pattern. It reminds me of tattoos which I also love.

Some rooster salt and pepper shakers. These are glazed in a new glaze called Amber Celadon. If anyone wants this recipe let me know.The color is fabulous in person and look better with another color behind it....alas.

Some Meany Head Mugs

A crazy box with a little crazy man inserted in the chest. And the crow heart box. This one is my favorite right now and I bring it in the house with me to look over things while we are getting ready for the home show this weekend.

And last but not least some nuthatches flitting across the breast of this pot.


Undaunted said...

Oh wow, you have been so busy! No wonder your studio is overcrowded! All of these pieces are just fabulous! Your bottles and vases are so beautiful, and those meany head mugs really made me smile! I could do with one of those for when I'm in a bad mood to scare everyone else away!

I'm guessing none of my emails have got through? I don't understand it - we've emailed each other before and it worked fine!

bindu said...

I LOVE your mean head mugs!!

Jacky said...

I love those nuthatches!!! and the new glaze.

The rose vase and bottle are gorgeous too - love that rose image.

Mmmmm yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

painter girl said...

Hey Un D,
You are right! It is getting crowded with the home show this weekend. I am looking forward to it.
I haven't gotten the emails. It is so strange because we have emailed before. I even checked my junk email in case yours got thrown in there.
Do you want to send me yours so I try to send you an email?

Bindu and Un D,
I'm glad you both like the ugly mugs. I have a meany head mug I use every morning. I love his mean teeth and he always makes me feel less ugly then him.

Thanks so much Jacky,
The rose image came from the Alice in Wonderland show. I covered the Queen sculpture with this design and just fell in love with it.

Leslie said...

Your husband does look to be a patient man waiting for his meal while you snap photos. How nice that you could eat outside-we were able to do that last year but this T-giving was a little bit too chilly for that!

Yes, my Mommy was NOT HAPPY with me after letting out the fireflies. She caught me later that night with them after hearing my giggles from upstairs. She made me catch each one.

I love your meanie guy mugs and the new glaze looks really nice-I'm sure much nicer in person as you say.

The little birdies are wonderful too on the pot-I love them!
Thanks for popping over to visit me and for your sweet comments!

Blessings Always,


lynne h said...

leanne, what a beautiful table, and sitting outside to boot! so nice to see you both...

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Lovely Thanksgiving scene! And I am noting that the table is just for the two of you....not legions of hungry folk. I admire that.

This year I convinced my husband that a Thanksgiving dinner with just the three of us (me, him, son) might actually be nice -- and he actually agreed to try it. For me. We had cornish hen ("Mom, please for once, no turkey!") and an otherwise simple meal. No piles of dishes and pans. I read a book after dinner. Lovely!

JafaBrit's Art said...

It looks like you had a super thanksgiving :) Looks like a lovely old table, and I like the colour.

I can't decide which work I like best, the cups, the boxes, or the beautiful rose vases.
The salt and pepper shakers are wonderful, love the colour too.

Robyn said...

The nuthatch vase is stunning and your crazy boxes always make me smile. Thanksgiving lunch looks like it was fun.

painter girl said...

Hey Leslie,
My mom would've done the same thing secretly laughing with dad.

We were a little cold eating outside but we could'nt resist.

thank you for your sweet words about the nuthatches and meany mugs.

Thanks Lynne!

Hey Anne, Good to see you.
We did have our first Thanksgiving alone this year!
Normally it is complete chaos a good way...but we have a large family. this year the family wanted to travel and we couldn't manage it so we had a lovely day at home.

Thanks Jafa and Robyn. I'm glad you like the new work.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Your work is fabulous.. do I tell you this everytime? well it's true.. I, being a lover of chickens, roosters included! adore your chicky-poos.. so fun...but I can't forget that beautiful work on the nuthatch.. ahhh. so lovely.. you are great... and the crows!! and the meany mugs.. what can I say?? ... love them all!!!