Sunday, February 03, 2013

New Year....more blogging!

  I know I have really been MIA for the past many months......
We have had many life changes recently that have prevented me from being more active online. But now I am back with a renewed interest in keeping this blog up and running. Hope you all have hung in there with me.
  So after a wonderful experience teaching Winter Term at Elon University in January, I was a little rusty going back in the clay studio. When I have been out of the studio for some time I always try to start slow, making pieces that are easier and relatively small. I made some mugs.

  I have been thinking about cups, mugs and such for a long time. My favorite mug in the house is a smaller mug which holds about a cup and a half of liquid. I like the size because it is perfect for one hot cup of coffee. The smaller size keeps the coffee hot until I finish. I find that if I use a large mug the coffee gets cold half way through and that makes me grumpy.
  But when I have been at some recent shows I have had requests for larger mugs. ( Apparently I am among the minority of small mug lovers.) So I decided to venture in to large mug arena. Here are the first two.
I am enamored of this new pattern. It screams to me of the 60's mod era.


svelteSTUFF said...

Are you going to play around with some 60's coloring to the mug or keep it in neutrals?

Leanne Pizio said...

Hey Svelte!
These will just be black and white but I am testing some glazes right now for future pieces....I'll post them when I get them done. :)

Sleeping Village Pottery said...

I try to stop by at least once a week to see if there's anything new going on. Good to see you at it again. And yes... the mugs are cool! Can't wait to see them finished!

Kirstin C said...

Oh I love these! I love coffee mugs! Will you have more coming?? :)