Saturday, February 07, 2009

More bottles and Memes

Here are some more carved bottles with a simple shape. The shape reminds me of a bottle that my mom kept as a bud vase for sweet spring flowers. I chose this shape for carving some of the Gothic flowers I was dreaming about last month or so.

And then some more experimental bottles . These were hand built quickly with really wet clay so that they would slump under their own weight. I am enjoying the softness of these bottles and plan to make many of these in different sizes. As for glazing, I am open to more suggestions. I will be glazing this week. Whoo Hoo!

It seems like these memes are going around a lot right now. They are super fun and I really enjoy doing them. I was visiting Jacky's blog and decided to take part. Jacky is super inspiring and this sounded like sooooooooo much fun!
The first 5 people that respond to this post will get something made by me, it will be my choice, but made especially for you.
However...this offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
-What I create will be just for you.
-I will make no guarantees that you will like it (but I hope you do !)
-You will receive this item before the end of the year (or sooner).
-You will have no idea of what the item is going to be or when you will receive it.
The catch is that you have to repost this "MEME" and put together something to be sent out as 5 surprises of your own.
These could be anything...a piece of art, a photo, a poem or haiku, a quote...whatever you like, let your imagination run wild.

Have a great Saturday!
Hope everyone has a creative weekend!


Undaunted said...

Looks like everyone is too scared to take part!

You can count me in - after all I have a whole year to decide what I will send people! :D

Your new bottles look fantastic! I really love them all. Your carving is amazing though.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I am not scared... I love the gothic flower design, very contemporary. I love this kind of game too.. thanks for offering.

svelteSTUFF said...

how FUN!! Count me in. I am really liking the flower designs on your new vases!!

Undaunted said...

Grrl+dog, I was just surprised that no one had left a comment yet! I wondered if the commitment had scard them off! I must admit, I had to think twice!

painter girl said...

Thanks for participating. I know it seems like a big undertaking, but it really isn't if you think about how long you have to actually get the 5 art pieces done.
I am excited to make pieces for ya'll and have already started thinking about what I would like to make.If you have seen something here and have a preference between pottery, painting or a sculpture please feel free to give me a shout when you send me your addresses. Thanks you guys,


wow, the flower pattern, the shapes! amazing!

Jacky said...

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for taking part in the meme...I think its a great way to share our art around. You will be on my list for a surprise sometime this year, please send me your address when you have a minute.

Those Gothic flower designs are beautiful... love your carved clay pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.