Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oh Spring! How we love thee!

Look at this man lazing around in the spring sun....or winter sun? It is just February but this day it was close to 70 degrees in the afternoon. Will was sicky that day with a cold I gave him so I set him up a little nest on the hammock and caught him with the camera. I Love to see him relax because he so rarely slows down.

And what are these little colorful toad stools doing in the grass? They are my new guerilla crocheted mushrooms, the first 2 in a set of 6 to put under the park bench on Monday afternoon.
This time I intend people to take these little mushies home with them! I am going to put a card on each asking that each person only take one and leave the rest for others. Will post more on this later.

And then, the painted plastic owls that are residing in the studio. Me and Will found these in an abandoned home down the street. They are wonderfully tacky and used to be gold with those sparkly gold stuffed animal eyes.
Well, I wanted to bring them home to put in the yard but the color was so faded that they needed a touch up. I had just watched Marie Antoinette the night before and was inspired by the colors of the time. Look at the beauty of this movie here. Look at my friend Princess Poochie's blog to see some of the most inspiring shoes to date. They really are works of art. I was looking at her blog when I decided to watch the movie again. Love it!

These owls aren't quite finished yet. I am painting them with oils so I am waiting not so patiently for the paint to dry. I can't wait to finish these sweet birds. I plan to glue sparkly beads and crystals on them. They will glitter in the sun.

And then another bottle. So far I have made around 50.
Fifty more to go!
Can I make it?
And then, what the heck am I going to do with 100 bottles?
This is a perplexing question of which I have many ideas.
A show of bottles? A bottle tree? A fundraiser for the soup kitchen?
Any ideas that ya'll have would be more than welcome!


Robyn said...

Oh the little toadstools are gorgeous! Nobody will be able to resist them.
Hope Will feels better soon.

Undaunted said...

*gasp*! Oh Leanne! Those toad stools are fantastic! Pure genius! You must bring one to England for me!! (Please!)

Those owls were a great find, and I love how you have painted them! I look foward to seeing them finished.

Hmm... 100 bottles... I think you should give a few to me :) I know, I'm selfish! So what do you want me to say? I can't help it! You keep making such fabulous stuff!

Jacky said...

Poor Will.... I hope he's feeling better (you do take such good care of him all bundled up on the hamock).

Those toadstools are just the coolest....what a wonderful idea for people to take one home, they are perfect (and gorgeous colours).

Love the latest bottle. I think maybe you should have an exhibition!!! Your pottery is amazing.

Cant not mention those kitch, I love them.

painter girl said...

Glad you like the toadstools Robyn! Will is feeling much better but I am sicky again. this is truly the never ending cold. My dad (who gave it to me) is still battling it away. YUCK!

I would be glad to bring you a toadstool UND! :)
And maybe a bottle or two.
Glad you like the new work so much.

Thanks so much Jacky!
Will is better but I am still battling the crud.
I can't wait to put out the toadstools for people to have and enjoy.
I am so loving the owls. Can't wait to have a chance to finish them and put up in the yard.
I am thinking about an exhibition where the proceeds will go to The Triad Health Project...our local AIDS outreach...or the Soup Kitchen. We will have to see...

queencraftygirl said...

Oh what CUTE mushies! I love them! Next time you go to a park, maybe make a fairy-ring out of them :)

What great owls! They will make wonderful guardian/look-outs in your studio.

100 bottles?! I will try to think up something for you to do with the bottles. But, like Un-D said what else can you do but hand them over to us?

Get well soon, Uncle Will!!

Love and Miss you,

india said...

i'm going to have to start guerilla-leafing around here...

Anonymous said...

the mushrooms are gorgeous... can we gat a close up peek at them?

bindu said...

That hammock looks cozy! The toadstools are adorable, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the owls evolve. Your pots are so gorgeous. What ever you decide to do with them, I'm sure they will be a big hit.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

I got the lazy part down, but WISH I was warm (I'm so not a winter grrrl), thank you for stopping by... having the best time perusing your blog!

xo, Monica :)

notmassproduced said...

hi - those owls are going to be wild :o) I love your ceramics - very clever.

lynne h said...

ditto what robyn said -- no one will be able to resist the toadstools! brilliant, leanne...

painter girl said...

Hey Queeny,
So glad to see you back in the blogging world! You know you can have any bottle or bottles you may want. My art is your art!

Thanks for coming by India!
I'll have to visit you soon.

Hey Grrl,
I will post a picture this afternoon of a close up of the mushies.

thanks Bindu! Thinking of a show of bottles with a percentage of the proceeds to go to the soup kitchen here. They need food desperately.

Thanks for stopping by Monica.

Hey Notmasproduced,
thanks for coming to my blog. I can't wait to get back to the owls. They are almost dry and waiting for their next coat of paint.

Thanks Lynne. I have one more to make and out they go. I was waiting till Saturday to put them out because Hubby suggested that there would be more people to see them.

ArtSparker said...

The mushrooms are lovely, I think the fact that they are little will require people to actually observe, that is, be present, in order to see the right people should find them.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Ah we watched Marie Antoinette the other night too... sheer decadence!!!

crazy owls you got there.. around here people are known to perch them on the top of there houses to scare away the seagulls and pigeons.. but I have seen pigeons sitting on their heads.. don't think that was the desired effect..

I love those rabbits Too!!